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General Rules

- Engage in each scenario with the utmost realism.

- Avoid causing actual harm to anyone.

- Respect the property of others and refrain from causing damage or misplacement.


- The use of safety glasses is compulsory.

- Ensure your own safety and that of fellow players. If a situation becomes dangerous and the game must be paused, the phrase to use is “STOP GAME.”

- Be environmentally conscious by preventing fire hazards and refraining from littering. 

Role-Playing Interactions

- All actions are permissible if agreed upon by the participants involved. 

Should you find any escalation unacceptable, communicate this by saying “OFFGAME,” followed by your specific request, such as “Stop this search” or “I am not participating in this action.” 

- Respect and adhere to such requests when made by others.

In-Game and Off-Game Zones

- Private residences, their gardens, and streets within inhabited areas are designated as OFFGAME ZONES.

- All other areas are considered INGAME zones, including civilian tents.

Eliminated Characters

- Players representing eliminated characters must indicate their offgame status by wearing an orange item, such as a hat, vest, or cloth no smaller than 50x50cm, ideally with reflective elements. 

- At night, a light source is required beneath the orange marker. A flashing red light may be used if the standard marking method is not available.

Special Rules for Each Faction

- Specific rules tailored to each faction will be provided prior to the game. These rules are exclusive to the faction and cover aspects such as respawning, vehicle use, and other specialized equipment.  

- Refrain from disputing rules with members of other factions, as you are not privy to the rules governing them. Strive to respond to all in-game events with the highest degree of realism.