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Razor Wire is an annual 36-hour simulation game that incorporates elements of military simulation (milsim), escape and evasion, as well as search and rescue operations.

This game simulates the complexities and dynamics of real life, challenging participants to operate in an environment filled with unknowns, scarce information, and vast, challenging terrains. Players must navigate these conditions at various times of day, under stress, and against the unpredictable actions of a determined opponent. 

Each faction within the game has its own unique focus and objectives, providing a diverse range of experiences. You can explore them here.

Set in a fictional world mirroring our own technological era, the game unfolds in the politically volatile borderlands between Balgia and Dursia. Here, the ambitions and motives of pro-government forces, religious factions, refugees, humanitarian groups, and criminal cartels clash. More details about the in-game environment and narrative can be found here.

Participants in the Razor Wire simulation typically include:

  • Airsoft enthusiasts honing their skills, 
  • Volunteer search and rescue teams practicing their techniques, 
  • Live-action role players (LARPers) crafting compelling narratives within the game’s framework, 
  • Individual players - in the most challenging role of fugitives, eager to test their limits and evade capture by well-armed adversaries.